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Saber Karoui, I was born on July 6, 1978, I did my primary and secondary studies in Tunis. After my baccalaureate I was sent by the Tunisian State to study at the Royal Military School in Brussels, which was a very enriching human experience for me where I learned a sense of responsibility. Then I continued my university studies in the Faculty of Engineering in Mons to carry out the studies and the job that I always wanted to be.
Once I had my degree in Electrical Civil Engineering, I subsequently joined M-Link Teleport, currently called WIS, where I learned various technologies for more than 17 years in which I went through several challenges for the execution and management of several complex projects.

Electrical Civil Engineer & Web Developer.

A graduate of the prestigious "Polytech Mons", Faculty of Engineering and having a solid basic military training from the Royal Military School of Brussels.

  • Birthday: 6 July 1978
  • website:
  • Phone: +32 473 75 76 49
  • City: Renaix, Belgium
  • Age: 46
  • Degree: Electrical Civil Engineer
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  • Freelance: Available

My passion for football has meant that I have been a referee of Belgian Federation since more 18 years.


Having more than 17 years of experience in telecom and in the troubleshooting of different issues starting with satellite transmission through the TDM to the VOIP, I have acquired a solid background to find the optimal solution to each new problem. The analysis of CDRs for the calculation of KPIs is an achievement during all these years and which also allows troubleshooting to give an explanation and for the resolution of some issues. This experience subsequently allowed me to develop very specialized applications to provide solutions that allow fraud management, facilitate implementations of interconnections between operators, routing management and finding solutions to very specific problems.

Days of Support both for WIS customers or for internal inquiries

Months of Engineering & Development for the success of the projects carried out

Years of studies & training I'm in a continuous training each day

Diplomas & Certificates obtained during my school & university studies or during my personal trainings


Senior Telecom Engineer with great expérience in switching, Huawei SoftSwitch specialist (more than 15 years) and Dialogic ControlSwitch specialist (more than 4 years). Developer and designer of WIS Routing Architecture within the Dialogic CS. Developer of the Call Barring Application to block fraudulent traffic received by WIS.
Great experience in Quality service and Fraud Detection based on the CDRs analysis, KPI calculation (NER, ASR, ACD, ABR...).
Strong experience with the troubleshooting of diverse technical issues related to the voice transmission.
Senior Web Developer specializing in front end and back end development. Experienced with all stages of the development cycle for dynamic web projects. Well-versed in numerous programming languages including HTML5, PHP, C/C#, Python, JavaScript, CSS, MySQL, Redis. Strong background in project management and customer relations.


Quality & Routing 100%
Fraud Detection & Call Barring 100%
Multiplexing SDH/PDH (ADM of Alcatel) 90%
Huawei SoftSwitch 100%
Dialogic ControlSwicth 90%
Satellite Transmission (C & Ku Band) 80%


Symfony Framework & PHP 100%
SQL Database 100%
Redis Database 90%
HTML 100%
CSS 90%
JavaScript 75%


After my Math Baccalaureate obtained with honors, I was sent by the Tunisian State to study at the "Royal Military School" of Belgium, which was a very enriching experience for more than 2 years in which I learned the sense of responsibility, the self-esteem and respect for hierarchy. This important life experience later led me to do with great motivation the studies of my dreams to become a Civil Engineer. Having my degree in Electrical Engineering, I subsequently joined WIS (formerly known as M-Link) where I have been working for more than 17 years and applying the versatility of my training for the management of various projects, whether related to telecom networks or the development of new technologies.


Saber Karoui

Electrical Civil Engineer & Web Developer with 17+ years of experience in Telecom.

  • Rue du Midi 51,Renaix, BE
  • +32 473 757649


Master's degree in Engineering & Electrical Engineering Specialist

2000 - 2006

Faculty of Engineering "Polytech Mons", Mons, BE

Certificates in Automatic and Multimedia

Application's degree in Social & Military Sciences

1997 - 1999

Royal Military Academy, Brussels, BE

Warrant officer's rank, the elementary qualification in the Commando training centre

Bachelor's degree in Math

1990 - 1997

Secondary School El Omrane, Tunis, TN

Tunisian secondary school diploma for 7 years, obtained with honours

Professional Experiences

Engineering and R&D Manager

2020 - Present

WIS SRL, Nivelles, BE

  • Developer of a full OSS App. Management of Commercial and Technical Trunk Group, Management of Countries/Destinations/Directories/Prefixes, Management of different Routing tables (LCR, CSR, OBR...), Management of Routing Exceptions by using an Artificial Intelligent feature.
  • Architect of Technical Routing configuration in the Dialogic CS as well for the provisionning automatization. Give a technical solution for a complexe Routing schema.
  • Automatic integration of all Routing capabilities inside the Switch by using Dialogic's APIs.

Quality & Support Engineer

2018 - 2020

WIS Telecom SA, Nivelles, BE

  • Developer of the "Call Barring Application" which let the user to introduce new tasks to block any fraudulent traffic from one or many customers based on their commercial services, from multiple Originated Calling Numbers towards multiple Prefixes, and to define an end date for each task.
  • Fraud detection based on the CDRs analysis (Wangiri, Abuse Calling/Called Number, False Answer Supervision, ....).
  • Fault analysis to support equipment hardware problem and improve implementation procedures.

Network & Operation Engineer

2009 - 2018

WIS Telecom SA, Nivelles, BE

  • Support to the customer of Orascom Group (Djezzy, Tunisiana, Mobilink, etc ...) and of Wind Italy.
  • Troubleshooting of different and multiples technical issues (switching, signaling, SDH, networking, Quality issues of voice and Routing).

NOC Engineer

2006 - 2009

M-Link Teleport SA , Nivelles, BE

  • Responsible for monitoring, controlling and maintaining the company’s international network and services.


I use my skills for the management of complex projects. For me, the success of each project can be summed up in its good initial study and the good understanding of the objectives to be achieved. Once this has been defined in a clear way, the next step is to develop the intelligent process for the execution of the project and to define a schedule for each task to be executed. The integration of new technologies and artificial intelligence are essential for the acceleration of the goals to be achieved. Then the analysis of KPIs and continuous monitoring of progress will be the keys to the success of the project.

Project study and initiation

In this phase, the idea for the project will be studied with all the relevant parties in order to define the main lines to follow for its realization

Scheduling tasks

Prepare the schedule for the realization of each point and share the tasks between the involved team's members

KPIs Analysis

A good analysis of the KPIs will make it possible to make the necessary corrections where necessary and to achieve the desired objective

Goals to reach

List all the points to be achieved and think about the best way to proceed to meet all the objectives

New Technologies and Artificial Intelligence

Whenever possible, do not hesitate to use artificial intelligence to solve each objective that turns out to be complex

Continuous progress monitoring

Obviously, permanent monitoring of the progress of the project allows both to validate the objectives already achieved and to give an indication of its success


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